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Life Insurance—Getting It RIGHT and Getting It WRONG

We break down the issues, discuss case studies, look at common mistakes, and see how life insurance plays out in the real world...
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Top Mistakes Made When Managing Aging Parents’ Affairs

How to take care of aging parents in California? What are the biggest Elder Care mistakes I need to avoid? When do I need to ...
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Strategic Financial & Estate CHOICES at Age 60, 70, or 80

At each stage, it’s far too easy to miss opportunities and make wrong choices. Don’t miss this vital webinar!
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successor trustee risks

Trustee Risks & How to Avoid Common Pitfalls

Should I accept appointment as successor trustee of a trust? Trustees take on a fiduciary duty, the highest standard of care to which you can ...
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Millennials & Their Families: HOT Estate Planning Topics

Millennials need expert, savvy Estate Planning, and they need it now. Attend this webinar with your adult children and help them get a head start ...
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IRA Tips: Get CREATIVE with Your RMD Strategies!

In this webinar, we review the basics, then dive deep into RMD strategies often overlooked from a tax perspective so you can make the best ...
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How to Keep Assets Private & PROTECT them from Creditors

If you were recently remarried or are getting remarried, you absolutely must revisit your Estate Plan – because yes, it will immediately go out of ...
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FIGHT TO FIX CA Prop 19: Save Your Home For Your Children

A vital ballot initiative is underway to remove the hidden death tax in 2020’s Prop 19, re-establish Prop 58 and Prop 13 rights, and support ...
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How Can I Create a Trust for My PET If I Die?

Are you worried about your pets at the time of your incapacity or death? California law now permits you to leave money to your pets...
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NEW Proposed Tax Laws for LTC Policies and How to Repurpose your Life Insurance to Help!

Did you know that the state of California may soon require you to purchase long term care insurance? We’ll discuss the proposed legislation and what ...
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gift educational expenses

How to Give a Gift of Educational Expenses: Tax Advantages and Pitfalls

How can you gift tuition and educational expenses to a child or grandchild? Should gift funds be direct payments to the educational institution? What funds ...
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Building the Best FINANCIAL TEAM: Selecting CPAs & Lawyers

In this important webinar, we look at how to create a serious team to lower your anxiety level, reduce your hassles, and help you make ...
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Business succession and selling a business

How to Plan for Business Succession and the Sale of a Business

How do you plan for business succession? What are the four different ways of selling or exiting a business? When should you sell a business ...
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Top Estate Planning GAME CHANGERS for 2022

Don’t wait to educate yourself and bring your estate game plan up to date. Kick off your New Year’s Estate Planning resolutions with this webinar!
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Nervous About the Market? Rethinking Portfolio RISK

How deep should you be in the stock market? In other types of investment? Are you taking the appropriate level of risk for your...
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Right and Wrong Things to Do When You INHERIT Money

There are right ways to inherit. And there are some very wrong ways to inherit. In this critical moment, one wrong decision could cost you ...
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INSIDER Stock Market Analysis with Phil Blancato

Wondering what to expect in 2022? Join us for an insightful and exclusive conversation with market strategist, Philip Blancato...
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Build Back Better TAX PLANNING: End-of-Year Checklist

With a new tax and spend bill that looks like it’s going to get through Congress, and so much change, you need to look at ...
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