Prop 13 & Prop 19:
Keeping Property
Tax Caps in CA

If you own any real estate in California – residential or otherwise – the property tax caps offered by Proposition 13 can play a dramatic role in your life. 

These legal webinars & blogs answer questions like: How can I avoid a reassessment of my house under California’s Proposition 13 when it’s passed on to my heirs? How can I pass on my property tax rights to my children, despite the passage of Proposition 19 in 2020? If I’m over 55, how can I use Prop 19 to move my property tax caps to a new property? 

Includes discussion of advanced strategies available to people who may have missed the Prop 19, Feb. 2021 deadline to transfer properties to their children.


Prop 19 California: What is it?

Join us for an eye-opening webinar: Prop 19 California… What is it? This crucial law could significantly affect your California property taxes...
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How to Pass on Real Estate Under Prop 19

California’s Prop 19 changed everything about leaving real estate to the next generation. How can you minimize property taxes when you leave your family ...
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Helping your child buy house.

Strategies to Help Your Child Buy a House

How can I help my child buy their first home? What tax forms do I need if I give my children money for a house ...
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Creating Dynasty Trusts and a Mindset for Multi-Generational Wealth

What is multi-generational estate planning? How can I ensure that the wealth I leave behind is protected for my children and grandchildren? What is a ...
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Why and How to Use an LLC for Real Estate Investing in California

Do I need to create an LLC to invest in real estate in California? Do I need an LLC to own commercial or residential real ...
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How to CUT Your Tax Bill When Selling Real Property

Many people want to delay – or avoid entirely – payment of capital gains tax. People also want to preserve their Prop 13 tax base. ...
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FIGHT TO FIX CA Prop 19: Save Your Home For Your Children

A vital ballot initiative is underway to remove the hidden death tax in 2020’s Prop 19, re-establish Prop 58 and Prop 13 rights, and support ...
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Family Home or Farm NOT in Your Trust? How Can You Save Prop 13 Caps?

We’ll look at critical steps to protect your loved ones, and the latest strategies to avoid the devastating impact of Prop 19 on family inheritances...
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1031 Exchanges: What Real Estate Investors Need to Know

Learn how the exchange of one investment property for another can help you avoid, limit or defer capital gains taxes...
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Mid-Year 2021 TAX PLANNING: What to Do Right Now!

Have you started thinking about your 2021 tax bill? Your 2022 bill? Many strategies are available today which will disappear tomorrow!
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2020 Election Impact- ACTION NOW on Estate Planning Taxes!

2020 Election Impact: ACTION NOW on Estate Planning Taxes!

WILL your taxes go up in a Biden administration? What URGENT actions should you take for 2021, and how should you avoid taxes? What should ...
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MISSED CA Prop 19 Deadline? SAVE Your Low CA Prop 13 Taxes!

MISSED CA Prop 19 Deadline? SAVE Your Low CA Prop 13 Taxes!

Proposition 19 in California largely repealed Proposition 58, almost eliminating your right to transfer your low Proposition 13 tax protections to your children—and yes, this ...
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