ASSET PROTECTION: Protecting an Inheritance from Creditors, Bankruptcy, and Lawsuits

Perhaps you don’t realize that leaving a beneficiary money or real estate can make them vulnerable to attack by creditors or ex-spouses, can complicate a bankruptcy, or lead to even greater issues.

If you think you or your heirs might face that kind of danger, you should take steps to protect your assets from attack both now and in the future. These webinars & blogs explore these issues in depth.


Top Seven Estate Planning Strategies to Guard Family Harmony

How do I keep my family together after I’m gone? How do I protect my children’s inheritance? How do I choose a Trustee? Should I ...
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Inheritance STRATEGIES for Your Wealthy Children

Do you have financially successful adult children? What will happen when they inherit your money and properties? Learn how to rethink your Estate Plan to ...
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Dynasty Trusts: Not Just for the Super Rich!

Don’t miss this webinar on how to set up your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. for success—start your own dynasty...
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Choosing Between Types of Business Structures For Tax and Liability Protection

What types of entities can  California business owners choose for their businesses? What is a sole proprietorship? What is a partnership? What is the difference ...
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What is a California Private Retirement Plan (PRP)?

How does a Private Retirement Plan (PRP) protect assets from bankruptcy and lawsuits? Does a PRP require a trust administrator? Are there tax benefits to ...
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Helping your child buy house.

Strategies to Help Your Child Buy a House

How can I help my child buy their first home? What tax forms do I need if I give my children money for a house ...
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Creating Dynasty Trusts and a Mindset for Multi-Generational Wealth

What is multi-generational estate planning? How can I ensure that the wealth I leave behind is protected for my children and grandchildren? What is a ...
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The Fine Art of Disinheriting an Heir

How can you disinherit a child or other immediate family member in ways that will hold up to legal challenges from the disinherited heir? How ...
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How to PROTECT Assets and Cut Taxes!

For California residents, we’ll discuss a great, but little-known tool that can protect your assets from creditors in preparation for retirement—but it must be structured ...
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How to Keep Assets Private & PROTECT them from Creditors

If you were recently remarried or are getting remarried, you absolutely must revisit your Estate Plan – because yes, it will immediately go out of ...
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Cars, Pets, Art, Boats, & Guns- Estate Planning Asset TIPS

Cars, Pets, Art, Boats, & Guns: Estate Planning Asset TIPS

Is the person you named as your Executor and Successor Trustee really the right person to handle special items like your art, pets, cars, boats, ...
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Business Owners- 9 Key Asset Protection Tax and Estate Planning Tips for 2020 and Beyond

9 Key Asset Protection Tax and Estate Planning Tips for 2020 and Beyond

Business owners, these nine asset protection tax and estate planning tips could potentially SAVE YOUR BUSINESS! Business owners everywhere are looking for strategies to put in ...
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Consider a trust bank

Consider A Trust Bank

We have an extensive article on choosing a trustee, and CunninghamLegal can help you choose—however, if you can’t find the right individual family member or ...
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