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How to Find the Best Living Trust Attorneys in Auburn, California

Are you looking for a good Estate Attorney in the Auburn, Grass Valley, or Nevada City area to help create your California Living Trust?

Our founder and lead attorney Jim Cunningham greets clients in our Auburn Main Office.

Our Auburn Estate Planning office serves clients throughout Placer County, Nevada County, and El Dorado County.

Here you can access CunninghamLegal’s complete set of California Legal Services, including California Estate Planning, Trust Administration, Asset Protection, Probate Law, Elder Law, and much more.

Living Up to the Practices We Inherited

Estate Planning creates a solemn, vital agreement that must move from generation to generation. At CunninghamLegal, we accept that charge with the utmost responsibility.  To create an estate plan, you need living trust attorneys in Auburn, CA that you can depend on. 

When she retired in 2013, local attorney Ann Armstrong honored us by entrusting her longstanding Auburn estate planning practice to CunninghamLegal. The Law Offices of Ann Armstrong and Associates were known for the care and respect she showed to clients, and we are proud to continue her tradition—even though she has since passed away.

Indeed, we’re in the same location at 200 Auburn Folsom Road, Suite 106 Auburn, California—right next door to the Auburn Saturday Farmer’s Market. Parking is tough at the Auburn Farmer’s Market, so we let those who support our local Placer County and Nevada County farmers park their cars for free in our parking lot at 200 Auburn Folsom Road on Saturdays.

For our part, we offer the best living trust attorneys in Auburn, CA. Some of Ann’s staff stayed on with CunninghamLegal after the transition, and they continue to provide awesome local legal help to clients. We were also entrusted with Ann Armstrong’s 3,500 client files—all in safekeeping.

Mark Hyjek Passes Us the Torch

In 2013, CunninghamLegal also inherited the Sacramento, California law practice of Attorney Mark Hyjek, a highly respected office with clients throughout the Sacramento California region, as well as the Sierra Foothills.

Mark was particularly known for assisting people with Medi-Cal planning for stays in a long-term care facility and nursing home.

We transitioned Mark Hyjek’s nearly 3,000 clients and former clients to our office, and we help them to this day—maintaining the high standards set by Mark for the very best in client service.

You Really Do Need a Specialist

It’s not easy choosing a Living Trust attorney—or at least, it shouldn’t be.

Estate planning is a dynamic, ever-changing field that absolutely demands focused expertise from living trust lawyers. During your search for an Auburn lawyer, choose one that can offer sound advice on estate planning and wills. Often, you’ll find that another attorney in Auburn, CA, will handle estate plans as a small sideline, and just doesn’t have the time to keep up with ever-shifting California inheritance or “Death Tax” laws, and even less with federal inheritance tax shifts.

When hiring living trust attorneys in Auburn, CA, you want a firm with experience and knowledge of the local needs, familiar with the local property—you want CunninghamLegal.

We help people plan for some of the most difficult times in their lives, then provide guidance when those times come.

Inheritance law changes come frequently and dramatically, on everything from trusts to taxes to IRAs—believe me, I know. Recently, for example, we experienced the upheaval of both the U.S. SECURE Act and CA Prop 19, which should both trigger a re-think of everyone’s estate plan.

That’s why every attorney in our practice spends serious time each month on professional development—attending webinars and seminars when they aren’t giving webinars and seminars.

If you’ve searched “living trust attorney near me,” then you’ve made a start, but you aren’t done looking for living trust lawyers in Auburn, CA. Again, when you’re searching for attorneys in Auburn, CA you’ll find this area has plenty of options, but you want one that specializes in living trusts to ensure your peace of mind. And please, don’t rely on some online trust mill. A Living Trust is way too important for a robot, and every trust requires personal customization, no matter how simple you may imagine your situation to be.

Local Matters, Too

Being local often matters a lot with an estate attorney.

Estate Planning is a personal relationship. And even as the world moves to attorney videoconferencing with Zoom and the like, I know you will always want someone with a local office for signings and paperwork.

Just as importantly, only a full-time Auburn, Nevada City, or Grass Valley, California estate attorney will maintain the right estate-related contacts with local accountants and financial planners—they can and should work together for you.

What Do We Do?

The lawyers and staff at CunninghamLegal help people plan for some of the most difficult times in their lives, then provide guidance when those times come.

Our office has represented families of all types, large and small businesses, celebrities, professionals, and people at every level of income and complexity of assets. Many of our clients work with us right after they’ve gone through the loss of a loved one—a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a partner, a grandparent. We help to provide stability during such times, with the goal of guiding and protecting every client. That often includes Trust Administration, and helping new Trustees understand what to do after a death.

We always approach our work with ethics, knowledge, care, and caring.

Make sure your Last Will & Testament, your Living Will and Health Care Directive, Living Trust, Powers of Attorney, and Estate Plan are up-to-date with your current family situation and the latest laws. Rely on living trust attorneys in Auburn, CA, from CunninghamLegl to help you through the process. Make sure you protect yourself as a trustee.

We look forward to working with you!

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