Financial Planning and Investing

These webinars go deep into financial planning and investing topics with recognized experts in the field–everything from how to allocate your precious investment funds to how to minimize taxes on returns.

Many of these webinars & blogs feature Ascent Wealth Management. Jim Cunningham and John Lindsey co-founded Ascent Wealth Management (AWM) to better serve the clients of CunninghamLegal. They have known each other as friends and trusted referral partners since 1999. In most Attorney and Advisor relationships the care of their clients ends at the point of the referral, leaving gaps in the execution of the financial and estate plan. Jim Cunningham not only co-founded AWM, he is also serving as General Counsel—and by having a vested interest in the success of AWM, there is a high level of coordination, communication, and service to our mutual clients.


When should you have a Comprehensive Financial Plan?

What is financial planning? Do you have just a Financial Advisor? We discuss the why, when and importance of developing a Financial Plan...
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Beyond the Headlines: The Presidential Election’s Impact on the Economy and Your Finances

Join us for an insightful discussion where we navigate the impact of presidential elections, economic cycles, and potential 2024 recession! We will explore...
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Housekeeping items for your Financial Health 2024

Are you ready to tackle your 2024 finances? Learn how here! We'll discuss necessary annual updates such as your 401(k) deferrals and IRA contributions. Let's ...
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What is The Corporate Transparency Act? What Entities are Exempt From The CTA?

Are you in a fog of confusion? Have you even heard of this new law? Jim simplifies the complexities, helping you with what needs to ...
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Avoiding Real Estate Disputes Among Buyers, Sellers, and Investors

Far too often, real estate transactions lead to disputes among buyers, sellers, and investors. Join us for a comprehensive webinar on avoiding these hassles, arguments—and ...
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The Ultimate Guide to Using LLCs for Real Estate Investing

If you want to build a real estate empire, large or small, you often need a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to do it right...
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Passive Income Streams: Thinking beyond real estate

Whether you're looking to supplement your current income, retire early, or create a sustainable source of wealth, understanding passive income is key...
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How to Best Own Investment Real Estate: LLCs, Joint Tenancy, Trusts, and More

There are LOTS of ways to own investment property, and consequently, LOTS of confusion about what’s best. How should you choose...
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STOCK MARKET: Mid-Year Market Outlook & Insights for 2023

Join us for an insightful and exclusive conversation with Horizon Investments as we sort through the shifting landscape of the global economy, market fundamentals, and ...
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SECRETS of Oil & Gas Tax-Subsidized Investing

Did you know that the federal government subsidizes oil and gas investments to encourage economic activity? Looking for a creative investment that saves big ...
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Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank & How to invest in the Slowing Economy

Uncertain about your investments and your bank? You are not alone. 2022 was WORSE than 1929 when it came to 60/40 (stock/bond) portfolio returns. This ...
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Protect Your Wealth! The Secrets to Assembling Your A-Team of Advisors!

How can you find and vet advisors or get them to actually talk to one another?! In this webinar, we explore secret approaches used by ...
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