Top Estate Planning GAME CHANGERS for 2022

Estate Planning strategies have had to adapt to huge changes in law in the last few years: the SECURE Act, Prop 19, upcoming shifts in gifting laws, and now in 2022 a new set of rules that greatly increase the complexity of Trust Administration California. For example, starting Jan 1, if your mother becomes incapacitated but is still living, you have an affirmative obligation to deliver a copy of her trust to all who inherit under that trust. You’re also required to prepare a periodic accounting! Don’t wait to educate yourself and bring your estate game plan up to date.

Among the topics California Estate Planning Attorney Jim Cunningham will cover in this legal webinar are:

Top Three Game Changers including:
Prop 19 update
SECURE Act changes to IRAs and RMDs
Death Tax hike in 2026
New laws affecting Revocable and Irrevocable Living Trusts
Why a Living Trust is still so crucial (and why it can be better than a Will)
New rules under Prob C §15800 and their exceptions
What you need to know about Prop 19, Prop 13, and Prop 58
The California Death Tax
IRAs and RBDs
And the action items you need to take now!

Kick off your New Year’s Estate Planning resolutions with this vital legal webinar!


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