Minors, Special Needs, and Irresponsible Heirs: Trusts & Guardianship

What exactly would happen to your minor children if something happened to you? How does guardianship for minors and special needs dependents work? Can an inheritance knock a disabled person off of public assistance? And what about potentially irresponsible heirs – alcoholic, drug-addicted, or loved ones who simply cannot handle money?

In these webinars & blogs we’ll talk about special trusts set up for minors, special needs, disabled, and irresponsible heirs, along with nominating guardians, naming trust protectors, handling life insurance, and other difficult subjects you absolutely must consider if you take care of others.


The Fine Art of Disinheriting an Heir

How can you disinherit a child or other immediate family member in ways that will hold up to legal challenges from the disinherited heir? How ...
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Young Families Need Savvy Estate Planning Too!

Young Families Need Savvy Estate Planning Too!

Do you have a guardian set up for your child if anything happens to you? Do you have a trustee for your estate? Do you ...
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What is Guardianship and How Does it Work?

Parents: Do you know how guardianship works? California estate planning attorney James L. Cunningham explains guardianship proceedings in this helpful, free legal webinar. Did you ...
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loving parents planning for childrens' future

Estate Planning For an Irresonsible Child: How to Protect Beneficiaries In a Trust

If I die before my teenage child, how do I protect my inheritance from a potentially irresponsible heir? What does it mean to do estate ...
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CalAble Accounts


What is a CalABLE account? Why doesn’t the CalABLE program affect MediCal eligibility? California Estate Planning Attorney explains how a CalABLE Savings Account and a ...
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Appointment Of Guardian For Minor Child: Parents’ Responsibilities

What is Legal Guardianship of a minor? How do I appoint a Legal Guardian for my minor children? How does Probate Court for minors work? ...
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Spendthrift provisions in a trust

Important Case Discussion: Pratt v. Ferguson and Spendthrift Provisions

CunninghamLegal Discussion of Pratt v. Ferguson and Spendthrift Provisions When writing a trust that contains a spendthrift provision, a client should consider using a trust ...
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