Right and Wrong Things to Do When You INHERIT Money

There are right ways to inherit. And there are some very wrong ways to inherit. Have you come into $500K? $1M? $2M? In this critical moment, one wrong decision could cost you a pretty penny. Learn the common mistakes made by even the most responsible of heirs, along the with correct strategies. Learn how to structure your money so it works overtime for you in and for retirement. For example, if you do this right, you can use your inheritance to create your own version of a monthly pension for life!

Among the topics we cover in this legal webinar are:

Top 10 Thing Dummies Do When Dummies Get an Inheritance:
     Taking out all the money from the inherited IRA right away
     Forgetting about taxes
     Blindly paying off the house
     Trying to make more money quickly–very quickly
     Becoming an immediate “investment guru”
     Failing to name a beneficiary if your inheritance outlives you
     Talk about how much they inherited
     Failing to seek competent, professional help
     Go on a spending spree
     Overestimating the value of the inheritance
     Repeating bad decisions
     Manufacturing conflict among heirs
Emotional Aspects of an Inheritance
The “Old” Way of Doing Things (a mandatory payment directly to the Beneficiary)
Modern Inheritance Strategies like Inheritance Protection Trusts and Dole-it-Out Trusts
We’ll also discuss when these Trusts need to be set up and what to do if you’ve already inherited money. 

If you’re about to inherit money, you won’t want to miss this crucial legal webinar!


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