Nervous About the Market? Rethinking Portfolio RISK

How deep should you be in the stock market? In other types of investment? Are you taking the appropriate level of risk for your stage of life? How much performance is enough for your level of risk? These are tricky and highly individual questions, but they really can be approached in a structured, logical manner. At this webinar, we’ll explain risk indexing, how to protect against downturns, and take a deep dive into “truly meaningful diversification.” Get past emotional decision-making and be sure the right assets are in your portfolio, based on your needs. Nothing will be sold at this webinar.

California Estate Planning Attorney Jim Cunningham and Shannon Beahan, CFP discuss how to align your investments with your goals. Among the many subjects they discuss are:

Investor Risks like:
     Market Risks
     Interest rate risk
     Inflation risk
     Credit Risk
     Behavioral Risk
Common Investor Mistakes like:
     Unclear goals
     Attempting to time the market
     Chasing trends
     Too much turnover
     Failure to diversify
     Taking on inappropriate risk
     Letting emotions rule
Investor Behavior Impact
How an Advocate Advisor can help you with investment strategy, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, and Tax Planning
Common Risk Measures:
    Standard deviation
    Sharpe ratio
Risk Adjusted Return
Managing Portfolio Risk
Sequence of Returns
Volatility is Normal
Leading Economic Index
Risk Management in Action

If you invest in the Stock Market or are thinking about investing, you won’t want to miss this important legal webinar!


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