Living Trust and Estate Planning Attorneys in Woodland Hills, California

As living trust attorneys in Woodland Hills, California, we take a highly personal approach to estate planning, to ensure we help you care for your family. Schedule your free phone, video, or in-person consultation today!

Our experienced attorneys specialize in the following practice areas:

Estate Planning

Our estate planning attorneys in Woodland Hills, CA will develop an estate plan customized to your needs and family dynamics. Our personalized approach to estate planning protects your assets for generations to come.

Trust Administration

Carrying out the wishes and asset allocation within a Living Trust upon death is complex and emotional. Our knowledgeable and caring trust administration attorneys in Woodland Hills, CA help navigate this process with you.

Elder Law

Elder Law planning helps preserve your money, income, and assets, to be used for your benefit and care while you’re still alive. Our attorneys in Woodland Hills, CA can help you properly plan so you can access your own assets and possibly qualify for programs you are entitled to, such as Medi-Cal and Veterans benefits.

Legacy Care Program

Our Legacy Care Program ensures your assets are properly aligned, verified, and tracked, and that your loved ones will be taken care of now and in the future.

Other Local Estate Attorney Offices Now Served By CunninghamLegal

We have been entrusted with the records, documents, and continuing care of clients from the retired offices of several local estate planning attorneys. The offices of Estate Attorney Fredrick J. Weitkamp in Granada Hills, and Estate Attorney Jeffrey M. Sydney in Woodland Hills are now served by our Woodland Hills office. If you have come here looking to update an estate plan, will or trust, we would be more than happy to continue these lawyers’ excellent work by assisting you!

If you need a Living Trust or estate planning attorney in Woodland Hills, California, please call Jeff at (805) 342-0970. or schedule your free phone, video, or in-person consultation here today!