NEW Proposed Tax Laws for LTC Policies and How to Repurpose your Life Insurance to Help!

Did you know that the state of California may soon require you to purchase long term care insurance? And if you don’t buy it on your own, you may be forced to contribute to a state sponsored plan? We’ll discuss the proposed legislation and what to do about it. We’ll talk about life insurance premiums that you’ve likely not revisited for decades. Over the years, your needs and the needs of your family have likely shifted dramatically. You could quite possibly be overpaying—or not need life insurance anymore at all. If you’re worried about long-term care costs and supporting loved ones, maybe you can convert your life insurance policy to help with that expense. In this webinar, Jim, Alissa, and Shannon will cover the major questions about long term care insurance requirements and life insurance, take your questions, and discuss how to rethink LTC, your policy—and potentially repurpose the insurance you already own!

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