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Attorney Diego Alvarez-Miranda is an extremely caring and professional Estate Planning Lawyer. He’s known as an active listener, offering a welcome ear to the special concerns of all his clients—while deploying remarkable skills for ironing out difficulties.

“I guess I’ve always had a certain knack for resolving issues,” says Diego. “Even when I was a child on the playground, and I’d see another kid pulled into a playground argument, I was always the guy who’d jump into the middle to try and fix things—to the point that my teachers dubbed me ‘The Advocate.’ Seriously!”

Helping protect the American Dream

Diego’s interest in resolving disputes did not abate during his educational years. He attended the Anahuac University School of Law in Mexico, where he attained an Academic Excellence award. After his licensure examination in 2016, he also received the CENEVAL Award for Excellency, representing the top 2.1% scores out of all that year’s Law Graduates in Mexico, an impressive academic distinction.

In 2018, he moved to Miami, Florida to work as a Corporate Legal Consultant for Latin America, where he planned and structured international investment opportunities and source-of-funds cases for high net-worth clients. Shortly thereafter, he started handling cross-border transaction strategies related to corporate structures and immigration benefits—a path which rapidly led him to Estate Planning.

“I want clients to know I have their back. I want them to leave our meetings happy and relieved, fully satisfied with a strategy that makes them feel safe.”

Diego began Estate Planning when working with clients who wanted to relocate to the U.S. “Upon starting their journey toward achieving the American Dream, my clients soon realized that they needed to protect the assets that they had built throughout their lives. While setting up domestic corporate structures in the U.S., I was able to show them they needed the extra layer of protection that only proper Estate Planning can provide.”

He’d discovered his calling. “I quickly found that making sure people’s affairs were in order and that their legacies would be protected for future generations was incredibly rewarding work—so valuable to everyone! I truly see this work as a continuation of my advocacy for others since I was a kid, and I decided to focus the rest of my career on Estate Planning. I’m thrilled that I’m now part of the CunninghamLegal team.”

Fast, practical team solutions

Although Diego has many achievements to his name, he says those that bring him the greatest pride involve playing as part of a team—when client, attorney, staff, and other professionals truly work together to achieve a goal.

He tells the story of a business owner named Bill, who once called Diego in desperation because he had to undergo major high-risk surgery. Bill was anxious because he had no estate planning documents in place and he wanted to make sure that in case the unthinkable happened, all his affairs were in order.

At first, Bill was focused just on getting a simple Will in place and an advance healthcare directive—believing he had no time for a complete plan. But Diego was able to sit down with Bill and explain the crucial role of a comprehensive Estate Plan—a plan that would protect not only Bill’s spouse and children, but that would ensure that his employees and key personnel were protected from business disruptions.

Working with the family and Bill’s colleagues, Diego was able to rapidly deliver a complete plan that included a trust to hold Bill’s business organizations featuring a special corporate trustee who would take care of business decisions while Bill was out of action—so that Bill’s spouse would not have to worry about the companies, and the companies would maintain stability.

“My proudest moment,” says Diego, “was receiving the client’s gratitude after being able to quickly deliver a complex and comprehensive Estate Plan that he fully understood and left the family feeling relieved.”

Keeping all the parties satisfied

He tells us about another client whom he helped sort through a very difficult situation in a family where the siblings did not see eye-to-eye. Amy, the client whose father had passed away, was appointed as the Personal Representative of the estate by the Probate Court. However, her father had never prepared an Estate Plan or even a Will. It was up to Diego to work with Amy and find a way to distribute the assets of the estate in an amicable way between family members who had a sour relationship.

His solution was to step in as intermediary and prepare a complex settlement agreement between the Beneficiaries, where the parties agreed to distribute certain assets equally, appoint other assets to particular Beneficiaries, and waive any future claims. The Probate Judge approved the settlement agreement, and Amy did not have to worry about negotiating personally with parties who were not friendly toward each other. She was overjoyed when what could have been a battle was resolved amicably by the careful work of Diego.

Centrally located in California

Diego is available to all CunninghamLegal California clients statewide, but he’s based at the CunninghamLegal Sacramento office. He loves the area and appreciates that “Sacramento is close to nature without sacrificing the perks of a big city. There’s always something new to explore!”

Married, but with no children as of yet, Diego says he and his wife love to go out on dates and travel together—and often frequent the dog park. They regularly take their dogs Burka (a little Yorkie) and Laika (a Siberian husky) on evening walks as they talk about the day.

Diego is equally fluent in English and Spanish, and CunninghamLegal invites you to experience his reliable, caring, and attentive Estate Planning expertise firsthand!

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Attorney Diego Alvarez-Miranda

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