Building the Best FINANCIAL TEAM: Selecting CPAs & Lawyers

How did you pick your current Financial Planner? Your CPA? Your Lawyer? Was it a casual referral? Advice from your Uncle Bob? How do you interact with them throughout the year? Do they ever chat with one another? Suppose you systematically assembled a genuine A-Team that pro-actively reviewed your finances, your investments, and your tax situation year-round? In this important webinar, we look at how to create a serious team to lower your anxiety level, reduce your hassles, and help you make the right moves. Along the way, we’ll review some key changes in the laws on gifting, retirement account contribution limits, and other issues you and your new team should discuss ASAP!

Among the topics we cover in this legal webinar are:

  • Who you actually need on your “A-Team,” for example, a CPA, Certified Financial Planner, and an Estate Planning Attorney. 
  • Where there might be potential conflicts of interest:
        Wire House/Big Bank Advice
        Proprietary Products
        Bank vs. Corporate Trustee
        Independent Advisor
       Insurance Products
  • What you could be missing:
       Real Estate cash flow analysis
       Mortgage analysis, refinancing
       Gifting, charitable strategies
       Tax efficient portfolio structure
       Tax acceleration (Roth conversion) with mitigating offset strategies
      Proper preparation ahead of major events (retirement, inheritance, sale of business)
  • Planning for income distribution of wealth vs. accumulation
  • Tax Planning and Tax Projection
  • Common Red Flags and Overlooked Opportunities like Investment Strategies, Tax Planning, and Estate Planning/Administration 
  • Tax efficiency of EFTs and Individual Stocks

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