How to Keep Assets Private & PROTECT them from Creditors

Is there a way to keep your name off your assets? Can you protect, even hide them from creditors and predators? From divorce? From lawsuits? From bankruptcy court? Join leading Estate Planning Attorney Jim Cunningham as he lays out the top Asset Protection strategies employed by the rich and famous to hold title as anonymously and as safely as possible.

Just to be clear, what we’re not talking about is hiding assets illegally. We’re talking about protecting your assets from bankruptcy, creditors, lawsuits, divorce and the like.

Among the many topics we cover in this legal webinar are:

The importance of privacy
What Individual, Trust, and Entity mean
Inside Liability and Outside Liability
Classes of threats to assets including:
Tort liability
Debt collection
Methods of protections such as Statutory Protections, Trusts, etc.
Advantages of LLCs

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