Incapacity & Powers of Attorney: Estate Planning

Most of us will experience a significant incapacity at some point in our lives, and most will need someone to take over our affairs while we are out of action. Everyone needs a plan to deal with the significant costs which will inevitably occur. In these webinars and blogs you’ll also learn about Long-Term Care Insurance options, in-home care costs, and financial planning for disability.


Incapacity: Savvy Planning for “The Inevitable”

Incapacity can be a very difficult time for everyone involved—but savvy estate planning strategies and the right legal documents will help make this situation a ...
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Legacy Life Insurance Policies: Is your coverage evolving with your needs?

Is that life insurance policy that you bought decades ago still serving a good purpose? As life circumstances change and the array of offerings in ...
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Eight Important Things to Discuss at the Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is a great chance for a family to come together and have important conversations. Jim Cunningham suggests eight topics you should seriously consider...
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What is a power of attorney? What are the dangers of a POA or a conservatorship?

Do I need a Power of Attorney (POA) to take care of my parents? How to get Power of Attorney in California? What are the ...
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Top Mistakes Made When Managing Aging Parents’ Affairs

How to take care of aging parents in California? What are the biggest Elder Care mistakes I need to avoid? When do I need to ...
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Tax SECRETS- How to Pay Less & Not Outlive Savings, Strategy

Tax SECRETS: How to Pay Less & Not Outlive Savings, Strategy

Estate Planning strategies from lawyer, insurance and tax experts, to help save taxes and strategize for future 2021, 2022, 2025 We all want to up ...
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Navigating Long-Term Care Insurance: AVOID EXPENSIVE MISTAKES

Navigating Long-Term Care Insurance with expert insurance wholesaler, Scott Thurman, of TnT Premier Insurance Solutions. How expensive is long-term care? Staggeringly expensive. Does Long-Term Care ...
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Navigating Medi-Cal & VA Benefits: Full Length Webinar

This legal webinar from attorney Jim Cunningham from CunninghamLegal will help you in navigating Medi-Cal and VA benefits. As our population ages, more and more ...
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Long-Term Care Tips: How to PREPARE for Financial Impact

Disability and health issues can instantly change your life as well as your family’s. This legal webinar Presented by CEO James L. Cunningham and co-host ...
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Hiring Caregivers for Parents in CA BEWARE Liability Risk

Hiring Caregivers for Parents in CA: BEWARE Liability, Risk

This legal webinar presented by estate planning attorney Jim Cunningham and Nicole Kamm of Fisher Phillips is a must see for anyone even thinking about hiring ...
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retirement planning mistakes California

10 Retirement Planning Mistakes to Avoid

by James L. Cunningham Jr., Esq.  Retirement planning is one of the most important financial goals for your future. When done right, you’ll be assured ...
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The Right Questions to Ask When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

To help you make that choice, we’ve included the right questions to ask when choosing an assisted living facility below. For more on this topic, ...
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Elder Fraud Abuse – How to Avoid Being a Target

Senior citizens and scams — elder financial abuse statistics are staggering and it can be hard to know how to protect your elderly parents’ assets. ...
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Estate planning to survive a spouse

Till Death Do Us Part – Estate Planning for Surviving a Spouse

What do you need to consider when estate planning before the death of a spouse? What do you need to make sure to discuss before ...
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physician writes on a POLST

What is the difference between a POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) and an Advance Healthcare Directive?

What is the difference between an Advance Directive and a POLST form? If you’re like a lot of people, you may know that you should ...
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Elder Abuse On The Rise: How To Protect Your Loved Ones

What is Elder Abuse and neglect and what are the different types of Elder Abuse? How can Elder Abuse be prevented? How can I protect ...
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Ask The Hard Questions – How To Have End of Life Conversations

When should end of life conversations occur? How to start end of life conversations? How to talk about end of life decisions? How do I ...
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Estate Planning Issue: What Happens When The Caregiver Dies?

Does your Estate Plan specify what needs to happen if the caregiver to a sick family member dies first? Does your Living Trust name another ...
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Planning for Incapacity

What are the basic steps in planning for the incapacity of an elderly person? by CunninghamLegal, Estate, Trust & Tax Planning in California Planning for ...
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Possible Indicators Of Elder Financial Abuse

CunninghamLegal provides a comprehensive set of legal services around elder care and elder law. Please click here to learn more.   It is a common ...
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