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How to Find The Best Living Trust Attorneys in Westlake Village

Are you looking for the best Living Trust attorneys in Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, or the Calabasas, California area to help create your Estate Plan or administer a trust?

Please consider CunninghamLegal’s team of living trust attorneys in Westlake Village, dedicated to serving people locally, as well as in Thousand Oaks and throughout the Conejo Valley as they create Living Trusts, Wills, Powers-of-Attorney, and plan their estates. From Moorpark to Agoura Hills, Calabasas, and beyond, our family trust lawyers handle every aspect of your estate planning with specialized expertise.

Here you can access CunninghamLegal’s complete set of California Legal Services, including California Estate Planning, Trust Administration, Asset Protection, Probate Law, Elder Law, and much more.

Maintaining the Legacy of John Kohlbrand

In 2019, CunninghamLegal was honored to assume responsibility for the Law Offices of John Kohlbrand, formerly of Thousand Oaks. John practiced in the Conejo valley for the better part of 30 years before he retired, and we are humbled to continue his tradition of caring and service to the community.

Prior to the handoff, we embarked on a months-long transition with John to transfer his practice, along with his 2,000-plus client files, into the care of CunninghamLegal. Together, we reached out to all of John’s current and former clients to invite them to meet with us and to ensure they felt welcome to the firm. If you are a former Kohlbrand Law client and we missed each other on the first round, please contact our office so we can get to know each other.

We moved John Kohlbrand’s practice just down the street from his old address (3075 Thousand Oaks Blvd, Suite 103) to our CunninghamLegal offices at 4165 Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Suite 145, Westlake Village, California—right at the intersection of Thousand Oaks Boulevard and Westlake Boulevard. Just like the old office, we offer free parking.

Trusted with the Clients of Diedre Wachbrit

When longtime Westlake Village attorney Diedre Wachbrit retired in 2012, she also trusted us with her more than 3,000 estate planning clients. Diedre had a highly active practice—caring for clients with special-needs children, helping with asset protection and life insurance planning, as well as general estate planning. After her retirement, we held well-received events for Diedre’s clients and their families. If you missed out on those events or need to follow up on your planning, please do reach out to our office directly.

Other Local Estate Attorney Offices Now Served By CunninghamLegal

We have been entrusted with the records, documents, and continuing care of clients from the retired offices of several more local estate planning attorneys. The offices of Estate Attorney John G. Morgan in Camarillo, Estate Attorney Thomas E. Malley in Camarillo, Estate Attorney George R. Berninger in Camarillo, Estate Attorney James L. Spencer in Ventura, Estate Attorney Roger L. Lund in Camarillo, Estate Attorney T. Dale Pease in Camarillo, and the CunninghamLegal clients of Westlake Village Estate Attorney Janice Lee Shen are all now served by our Westlake Village office. If you have come here looking to update an estate plan, will or trust, we would be more than happy to continue these lawyers’ excellent work by assisting you!

You Really Do Need a Specialist

Whatever attorney you choose, I urge you to choose carefully.

Estate planning is a dynamic, ever-changing field that absolutely demands focused expertise. Don’t rely on “family trust attorney near me” searches to find a law firm. You need your local team of Westlake Village living trust attorneys to have the specialized experience to manage any issues and questions that may arise. Often, lawyers handle estate plans, wills, trusts, and more as a small sideline, and just don’t have the time to keep up with ever-shifting California inheritance or “Death Tax” laws, and even less with federal inheritance tax shifts.

Estate planning is a dynamic, ever-changing field that absolutely demands focused expertise.

Inheritance law changes come frequently and dramatically, on everything from trusts to taxes to IRAs—believe me, I know.  A few years ago, for example, we experienced the upheaval of both the U.S. SECURE Act and CA Prop 19, which should both trigger a re-think of everyone’s estate plan, not to mention the recent IRA law changes and tax code changes.

That’s why our living trust attorneys in Westlake Village spend serious time each month on professional development—attending seminars when they aren’t giving seminars.

You won’t find the right estate lawyer simply by searching “living trust attorney near me.” And please, don’t rely on some online trust mill. A Living Trust is way too important for a robot, and every Trust requires personal customization, no matter how simple you may imagine your situation to be.

Local Matters, Too

Being local often matters a lot with an estate attorney.

Estate Planning is a personal relationship. And even as the world moves to attorney videoconferencing with Zoom and the like, I know you will always want someone with a local office for signings and paperwork.

Just as importantly, only a full-time Conejo Valley estate attorney will maintain the right estate-related contacts with local accountants and financial planners—they can and should work together for you.

What Do We Do?

The lawyers and staff at CunninghamLegal help people plan for some of the most difficult times in their lives; we offer expert consultation services throughout the process; then we guide them when those times come.

Our office has represented families of all types, large and small businesses, celebrities, professionals, and people at every level of income and complexity of assets. Many of our clients work with us right after they’ve gone through the loss of a loved one—a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a partner, a grandparent. We help to provide stability during such times, with the goal of guiding and protecting every client.

We always prepare people for the future with ethics, knowledge, care, and caring.

Make sure your Living Will and Estate Plan are up-to-date with your current family situation and the latest laws. Make sure you protect yourself as a trustee.

We look forward to working with you!

Make an appointment to meet with CunninghamLegal Westlake Village for Estate Planning and Trust Administration. We offer in-person, phone, and Zoom appointments to all surrounding areas; Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Simi Valley and more. Just call (805) 342-0970, or book an appointment online.

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