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Stung by 2022? Get Your 2023 Financial Act Together!

If you’re still feeling the financial sting of 2022, join us and get your 2023 financial act together. Don’t make the same financial mistakes twice...
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Why High Net Worth Families Should Consider a Family Office

Does your family control assets over $10M? Consider our Family Office, a specialized service for customized, year-round, long-term planning to manage and preserve wealth through ...
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Sticker Shock! What will updating a Living Trust cost in 2023 and WHY?

Sticker shock about the soaring prices of just about everything? So how much will a Living Trust update cost in 2023? How do you choose ...
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What is a California Private Retirement Plan (PRP)?

How does a Private Retirement Plan (PRP) protect assets from bankruptcy and lawsuits? Does a PRP require a trust administrator? Are there tax benefits to ...
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Helping your child buy house.

Strategies to Help Your Child Buy a House

How can I help my child buy their first home? What tax forms do I need if I give my children money for a house ...
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Market Insights for 2023 with Phil Blancato

Wondering what to expect in 2023? Join us for an insightful and exclusive conversation with market strategist Philip Blancato, CEO of Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management...
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How Wealthy People Structure Estates to Reduce Taxes

How do wealthy people use tried-and-true estate planning techniques to reduce death taxes, capital gains taxes, gift taxes, and preserve Prop 13 tax caps on ...
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Business Owners: KEY Estate & Tax Planning Issues

Business owners have unique tax and estate planning needs–and opportunities–far more complex than any W-2 employee. In this vital webinar for any business owner, we ...
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Do my spouse and I need a prenup or a postnup?

What is a postnuptial agreement in a marriage? Why a prenup or postnup can be crucial for Estate Planning, and especially for major gifts. How ...
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Eight Important Things to Discuss at the Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is a great chance for a family to come together and have important conversations. Jim Cunningham suggests eight topics you should seriously consider...
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Creating Dynasty Trusts and a Mindset for Multi-Generational Wealth

What is multi-generational estate planning? How can I ensure that the wealth I leave behind is protected for my children and grandchildren? What is a ...
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CRUCIAL Tax & Retirement Strategies for Business Owners

Business owners have access to key tax saving and retirement strategies that go way beyond a traditional 401(k). Don’t miss this legal webinar if you ...
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How to Screw Up an Estate: Trust & Will Disasters

Sometimes, having an outdated estate plan can be worse than having no estate plan at all. Educate yourself on what NOT to do with these ...
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How Does Divorce Affect Estate Planning in California?

What changes with Estate Planning after a divorce? Can my former spouse inherit my Estate? What happens if someone dies in the middle of a ...
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Women Live Longer: Estate Planning for Women

Women live longer than men. We’ll discuss the planning implications for wives, including Social Security, Medicare, and filing single vs. jointly...
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Live Webinar with Jim Cunningham: Why Do I Need an Estate Plan?

Join us for a YouTube LIVE Conversation with Jim Cunningham, Founder of CunninghamLegal, for a direct, no-nonsense discussion, starting with why you need an Estate ...
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Financial PRIVACY Strategies in Estate Planning

Join us for an inside look at how to maintain privacy in today’s very public world using a variety of estate and financial planning strategies ...
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Selling a Family Business? Don’t Ignore Tax Issues!

A vital webinar for anyone contemplating the sale of a business—or the transfer of business equity to a child! Do the sale or transfer right...
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