Tax Planning, Estate Taxes, Charitable Trusts

It’s not just the super-wealthy who can benefit from advanced tax planning, and everyone with significant assets needs strategies to deal with estate taxes. 

What tax strategies have very wealthy families traditionally used that I should consider too? How much in assets require professional tax planning? How can I reduce estate taxes? Reduce income taxes? Reduce capital gains taxes? 

Topics include specialized trusts, family LLCs, Donor-Advised Funds, Real Estate Donations after death, tax-advantaged Stock Donations, Charitable Lead Trusts, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Foundations, minimizing taxes for business owners, and more.


How to Avoid and Defer Capital Gains Tax

Are you looking to minimize your capital gains tax liability? Join attorney and author Jim Cunningham in this informative webinar as he breaks down strategies ...
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Selling A Business? Maximizing Price and Reducing Taxes

Gain insights on maximizing your business's value and navigating the selling process and tax issues with confidence. This webinar is a vital resource...
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Financial Fraud Prevention

In today’s increasingly digital world, the financial industry is more interconnected and reliant on technology than ever before. In this webinar, we explore the critical ...
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Maximizing Tax Savings with Charitable Giving

Whether you are new to charitable giving or you are a seasoned philanthropist, this is a must-watch. We will cover tax-efficient charitable giving strategies, planned ...
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Planning Considerations for Business Owners

The financial environment for small business owners is complex. In this informative session, we'll help you navigate the tax landscape, exploring various entity structures and ...
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Five Top Strategies to AVOID Death Taxes

What are Estate Taxes and how can you avoid them? In this legal webinar, we’ll take a detailed look at estate taxes and the five ...
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Do Trustees get paid? Understanding Trustee Compensation

Trustees are often entitled to a "reasonable amount" of compensation— but, how much IS that? Trustees can be paid a percentage of assets or paid ...
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What is income tax smoothing? Tax Bracket Arbitrage

“Income Smoothing” is a multi-year strategy that can lower your overall income tax bill. Savvy high-income earners use it every year: why shouldn’t you?
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How business owners can cut their income taxes.

Income Tax Reduction Strategies for business owners, self-employed, and 1099 Earners

How can business owners, the self-employed, and 1099 earners save on income taxes? What are the top tax strategies for business owners, self-employed, and 1099 ...
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Choosing Between Types of Business Structures For Tax and Liability Protection

What types of entities can  California business owners choose for their businesses? What is a sole proprietorship? What is a partnership? What is the difference ...
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Reduce the ERTC Hit! Employee Retention Tax Credit Mitigation

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) for 2020 or 2021 helped many businesses stay afloat during the height of the pandemic. But now, those tax ...
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How Wealthy People Structure Estates to Reduce Taxes

How do wealthy people use tried-and-true estate planning techniques to reduce death taxes, capital gains taxes, gift taxes, and preserve Prop 13 tax caps on ...
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Business Owners: KEY Estate & Tax Planning Issues

Business owners have unique tax and estate planning needs–and opportunities–far more complex than any W-2 employee. In this vital webinar for any business owner, we ...
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Creating Dynasty Trusts and a Mindset for Multi-Generational Wealth

What is multi-generational estate planning? How can I ensure that the wealth I leave behind is protected for my children and grandchildren? What is a ...
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CRUCIAL Tax & Retirement Strategies for Business Owners

Business owners have access to key tax saving and retirement strategies that go way beyond a traditional 401(k). Don’t miss this legal webinar if you ...
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Selling a Family Business? Don’t Ignore Tax Issues!

A vital webinar for anyone contemplating the sale of a business—or the transfer of business equity to a child! Do the sale or transfer right...
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Inflation Reduction Act + 12 Hot TAX Tips for 2022 into 2023

Congress has passed the Inflation Reduction Act. Plus it’s an important midterm election year. Expect complex consequences for your tax and financial planning...
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It’s What You KEEP! Important Tax Planning When Investing

Get the low-down on advanced tax planning when investing! Does your financial advisor explain the tax issues related to your investments? We'll discuss the coordination ...
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How to CUT Your Tax Bill When Selling Real Property

Many people want to delay – or avoid entirely – payment of capital gains tax. People also want to preserve their Prop 13 tax base. ...
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NEW Proposed Tax Laws for LTC Policies and How to Repurpose your Life Insurance to Help!

Did you know that the state of California may soon require you to purchase long term care insurance? We’ll discuss the proposed legislation and what ...
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gift educational expenses

How to Give a Gift of Educational Expenses: Tax Advantages and Pitfalls

How can you gift tuition and educational expenses to a child or grandchild? Should gift funds be direct payments to the educational institution? What funds ...
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Business succession and selling a business

How to Plan for Business Succession and the Sale of a Business

How do you plan for business succession? What are the four different ways of selling or exiting a business? When should you sell a business ...
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Build Back Better TAX PLANNING: End-of-Year Checklist

With a new tax and spend bill that looks like it’s going to get through Congress, and so much change, you need to look at ...
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Hot Income Tax Strategy for High Earners: Commercial Solar

It’s almost too late to take advantage of a fantastic, little-known tax strategy: investments in commercial solar.
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