Lisa Mann

Attorney, Trust Administration at CunninghamLegal

Lisa Mann is an expert at guiding people through some of life’s most difficult situations.

Whether it’s helping her clients with end-of-life concerns or thorny financial issues, Lisa is known for her ability to clarify highly complex situations and provide a clear, achievable road map for the future. These talents, and a strong sense of compassion for people, are what drew her to estate planning—and if client feedback is any indication, the choice was an excellent one. A natural teacher, she loves educating people about estate planning documents and showing them how they can accomplish their goals. Lisa’s commitment to understanding her clients and meeting their specific needs is just part of what makes this stalwart attorney a perfect fit for this particular field of law.

“Trust administration is very rewarding. As a trust administration attorney, I am able to guide grieving individuals through legally challenging situations.”

Lisa’s passion for estate planning and trust administration stems even from her undergraduate education, where she trained to help guide people through challenging life situations, earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

After some years working as a legal assistant and paralegal, Lisa attended Lincoln Law School in San Jose, where she served as editor-in-chief of the Lincoln Law Review, and joined the Inns of Court, an association of lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals from all levels and backgrounds who share a passion for professional excellence.

While at Lincoln, Lisa was also the recipient of the Patricia A. Grossman Memorial Award, an honor presented to a student who has demonstrated outstanding skill in legal research and writing. She also received the D.J. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Award for the highest grade point average as a third-year student, and the James F. Boccardo Memorial Scholarship, awarded to a student who has exhibited distinction in the areas of professional competency, wisdom, concern and compassion.

She was named Valedictorian of her graduating class and passed the bar in 2017.

Finding Estate Planning Solutions

A born problem solver, Lisa says it’s the reward of guiding people through the complicated maze of estate planning that she finds most satisfying.

“Trust administration is very rewarding,” she adds. “As a trust administration attorney, I am able to guide grieving individuals through legally challenging situations.”

One frequent comment Lisa hears from her clients is that they feel safe and supported by her when they’re nervous and grieving. At such times, she knows its crucial that people feel they can rely on her.

A Family Leader

Even with her dedication to work, Lisa always finds time for family, whether it’s the family she came from or the one she’s created. “My family is extremely important to me. I am the first born of three daughters so I find myself looking out for my little sisters.” Indeed, it’s easy to see the genesis of Lisa’s passion for problem solving and her desire to protect those around her when she speaks about her large, extended family. As someone who loves research and learning, she’s still always there to offer guidance and solutions to her younger siblings–and Lisa says they spend a lot of time together, often cooking or traveling.

When not working, she and her husband love to explore the San Jose area with their dog. “San Pedro Square Market is a particular favorite place for us!” Lisa tells us, and as lovers of the outdoors, they love to escape to Lake Tahoe or, as Lisa reports, “Any beach!”

CunninghamLegal is thrilled that this empathetic and extraordinarily competent attorney is part of our estate planning and trust administration team!

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