SPOUSES, DIVORCE, and BLENDED FAMILIES: Estate and Inheritance Issues

What special rights does a spouse have – and not have – when inheriting assets? Can a spouse access your retirement accounts? What steps should you take together to ensure a smooth succession to a spouse in a Living Trust?

In this series of webinars & blogs, we also answer: How should an Estate Plan and Living Trust deal with ex-spouses, a blended family, or other complicated family situations? Does an ex-spouse have to be included in your will or Trust? Are there special laws in California related to blended families and inheritance? How can a Living Trust or Will be fair to an ex-spouse and children from more than one marriage?


Top Seven Estate Planning Strategies to Guard Family Harmony

How do I keep my family together after I’m gone? How do I protect my children’s inheritance? How do I choose a Trustee? Should I ...
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Joint vs Separate Trust for Married Couples: What’s Right for YOU

Should you consider separate Trusts in your Estate Plan, even though you’re married? Certainly, a joint trust offers certain advantages, but separate trusts can offer ...
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What If My Spouse Remarries? Protecting Your Kids After You’re Gone

You certainly may want your spouse to benefit from your hard work, but you probably also want to ensure something is left over for the ...
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Do my spouse and I need a prenup or a postnup?

What is a postnuptial agreement in a marriage? Why a prenup or postnup can be crucial for Estate Planning, and especially for major gifts. How ...
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How Does Divorce Affect Estate Planning in California?

What changes with Estate Planning after a divorce? Can my former spouse inherit my Estate? What happens if someone dies in the middle of a ...
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CRUCIAL Estate Planning for Life Partners & Unmarried Couples

Proper Estate Planning ensures a life partner will benefit from an estate, avoid a complicated estate administration process or litigation—and may reduce taxes after you ...
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PROTECT Child’s INHERITANCE from Future Ex-Spouse

Have you ever thought you might need to protect your child’s inheritance against a future ex son-in-law or daughter-in-law? Worried that your hard-earned wealth will ...
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Estate Planning for Blended Families: Pitfalls and Solutions

If your family includes children from multiple relationships, you absolutely require specialized estate planning. CunninghamLegal provides expert Estate Planning for blended families, mixed families, second ...
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DIVORCED? Critical Estate Planning- Inheritance issues

DIVORCED? Critical Estate Planning: Inheritance issues

Considering divorce? “Yours, Mine, and Ours” has a whole new meaning. Your estate plan NEEDS needs serious rethinking. If you don’t, you’d better think about ...
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Community Property VS Separate Property?

Community Property VS Separate Property? – Estate Problems

Did you know if you’re married, you may not actually own your house? Home ownership for married couples is an extremely complicated issue. A death ...
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Estate Planning & Divorce – Protecting Your Assets & Heirs

How do you protect yourself in a divorce? From property to finances, Asset Protection must be carefully considered. So must issues like whether or not ...
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