Tax Planning, Estate Taxes, Charitable Trusts

It’s not just the super-wealthy who can benefit from advanced tax planning, and everyone with significant assets needs strategies to deal with estate taxes. 

What tax strategies have very wealthy families traditionally used that I should consider too? How much in assets require professional tax planning? How can I reduce estate taxes? Reduce income taxes? Reduce capital gains taxes? 

Topics include specialized trusts, family LLCs, Donor-Advised Funds, Real Estate Donations after death, tax-advantaged Stock Donations, Charitable Lead Trusts, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Foundations, minimizing taxes for business owners, and more.


Hot Income Tax Strategy for High Earners: Commercial Solar

It’s almost too late to take advantage of a fantastic, little-known tax strategy: investments in commercial solar.
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Major Shifts to Biden Tax Plan, Prop 13/19 Breaking News

Changes are coming fast on the tax front, and we want to keep you updated so you can take rapid action if needed, possibly before ...
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Creative Income TAX STRATEGIES for BUSINESS Owners in 2021

Few business owners take the time to investigate creative tax strategies and savings techniques like opportunity zones and solar investment tax credits—are you even aware ...
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Family Home or Farm NOT in Your Trust? How Can You Save Prop 13 Caps?

We’ll look at critical steps to protect your loved ones, and the latest strategies to avoid the devastating impact of Prop 19 on family inheritances...
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How to Set Up a Charitable Trust – Rules & Strategy to Save Taxes

How to save on taxes and defer your tax bill while supporting your charity of choice. Strategies using CRUTs, CLATs, CRATS, and more to pay ...
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Hidden Legal TRAPS for California Rental Landlords

Do you own residential rental property in California? If you don’t pay attention to the many tenant’s rights that are part of California law you ...
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Mid-Year 2021 TAX PLANNING: What to Do Right Now!

Have you started thinking about your 2021 tax bill? Your 2022 bill? Many strategies are available today which will disappear tomorrow!
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Advanced Strategies to Lower YOUR Income Tax

Advanced strategies you can employ to lower your income taxes this year and beyond. Beat upcoming tax law changes!
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PPP Loans, TAX PLANNING in Biden's First 100 days- Tax Tips!

PPP Loans, TAX PLANNING in Biden’s First 100 days: Tax Tips!

CPA Chris Mann joins Estate Planning Attorney Jim Cunningham for an expert early look at, as well as frank advice about, your tax situation in ...
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Tax SECRETS- How to Pay Less & Not Outlive Savings, Strategy

Tax SECRETS: How to Pay Less & Not Outlive Savings, Strategy

Estate Planning strategies from lawyer, insurance and tax experts, to help save taxes and strategize for future 2021, 2022, 2025 We all want to up ...
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ADVANCED Estate Planning for High Net Worth Families: Tax Tips

“High-Net-Worth” families often get creamed by the IRS and state governments without ever realizing it, simply because they don’t perceive the need to look ahead ...
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Urgent Tax Strategies for GameStop & Sudden Stock Market Gains

GameStop Millionaire? Blackberry or AMC stock money? The government gets half, or more than half, sooner than you think! Your quarterly tax payments are coming ...
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ADVANCED Tax Strategies—Successes & Catastrophes

What are the secret tax strategies used by America’s top law firms to help wealthy individuals? Do those strategies actually work?
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How can I protect against new tax increases & Biden Tax Plan?

A look at the massive tax changes expected during 2021 to go into effect in 2022. What’s in the Biden Tax Plan? New Estate Taxes ...
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Start 2022 Tax Planning NOW – Kick Strategies into High Gear

We’ll discuss the major changes that occurred over the last year, the changes we see on the horizon, which laws are sunsetting, which took effect ...
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