Hot Income Tax Strategy for High Earners: Commercial Solar

It’s almost too late to take advantage of a fantastic, little-known tax strategy: investments in commercial solar. This is not about putting solar on your house or business, but an advanced approach used by Fortune 500 companies and high income earners to leverage Federal Solar Tax Credits and Federal Bonus Depreciation – and State Income Tax savings too! Under these plans, you create an LLC and acquire a nearly completed solar project generating clean, environmentally friendly solar power for quality corporate, nonprofit and governmental entities. Join Phil Wilson, CPA of Marcum; John McElwee of JPM Consulting LLC; and Jim Cunningham, Tax Attorney and Estate Planning Attorney, as they explain all the details, go over current available projects and lay out the path. Not to be missed by those with high income who want to minimize taxes.

In this legal webinar we discuss:

Who benefits from Commercial Solar?
What is a “Tax Benefit?”
Tax credit
Tax deduction
Tax deferral
Paying someone else’s taxes
Avoiding tax penalties
What is a “Cost Basis?”
ESG and Carbon Footprints

We also look at a specific company and why they decided to invest in Commercial Solar.

We tackle these and other important questions about Commercial Solar in this very important, time-sensitive legal webinar.



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