Start 2022 Tax Planning NOW – Kick Strategies into High Gear

Can we all agree that 2021 was devilishly confusing for tax and finance planning?! Well, 2022 is likely to be just as special. We’ll discuss the major changes that occurred over the last year, the changes we see on the horizon, which laws are sunsetting, which took effect in January, and how to place your tax planning bets for the coming year. What’s happening with RMDs? Is this the year for a mega Roth conversion? How do you start doing your own “tax arbitrage?” Use this webinar to kick your planning into high gear and up your game for 2022!

Tune in to this crucial legal webinar in which we discuss:

  1. Changes in tax laws for 2022 including RMDs for Roth IRAs and 401(K)s
  2. Possible Death Tax hike
  3. How 1031 exchanges are at risk
  4. Possible higher Income Tax Rate hikes
  5. Why Grantor Trust planning strategies may evaporate
  6. Estate freezing techniques like IDGT and GRAT
  7. Whether or not you should employ certain Estate Planning elements such as an AB Trust, a Trust Protector, Asset Protection for your inheritance, or Advanced Planning Techniques beyond the Living Trust

We look at examples of these changes and also discuss whether our Family Office Services are right for your family.


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