PPP Loans, TAX PLANNING in Biden’s First 100 days: Tax Tips!

CPA Chris Mann joins Estate Planning Attorney Jim Cunningham for an expert early look at, as well as frank advice about, your tax situation in the Biden Administration. What are the new President’s proposed new taxes? How can you pay less tax in 2021? What about PPP loan forgiveness?  Watch this FREE webinar for the latest tax planning advice and information as we expect big changes to come in Biden’s tax code.

Elements of the Biden Tax Plans include:

  • Higher tax premium rate
  • Limit itemized deductions
  • Hike capital gains tax
  • Higher social security taxes
  • Elimination of basis step-up for inherited assets
  • Elimination of Section 1031 exchanges
  • Increased child and dependent care credits
  • $15,000 credit for first-time homebuyers
  • “Green Energy” tax changes to reduce carbon emissions
  • Repeal of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

We’ll talk about what this means for W2 workers, business owners, and retired or soon to be retired people. If you have more than $2 million in net worth (that’s everything–not just what’s in your bank account), you must talk to someone about how to TAKE ADVANTAGE of your options to begin assembling your A-team of estate planning, tax accounting, and financial strategists for 2021 and 2022!

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PPP Loans, TAX PLANNING in Biden's First 100 days- Tax Tips!