Family Home or Farm NOT in Your Trust? How Can You Save Prop 13 Caps?

To avoid probate after you pass away, the family home or farm must be in the name of the family trust. If it’s not, what do you do? And even if it is, how do you preserve your low Prop 13 taxes for the kids? Since passage of Prop 19, it’s gotten A LOT tougher. We’ll look at critical steps to protect your loved ones, and the latest strategies to avoid the devastating impact of Prop 19 on family inheritances. If you’re an heir, we’ll look at how you can deal with a property not in the family trust.

In this legal webinar we talk about such issues as Prop 19, Prop 13, what a Living Trust is, what to do if the family home or farm is not in the Family Trust, transferring Prop 13 taxes under Prop 19, and why you need to assemble your own “A-Team” of California Estate Planning Attorney, CPA, investment advisor, banker, insurance agent, etc.

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