Major Shifts to Biden Tax Plan, Prop 13/19 Breaking News

Changes are coming fast on the tax front, and we want to keep you updated so you can take rapid action if needed, possibly before year-end. The House of Representatives has proposed a revised Biden Plan to increase your taxes: not just income and capital gains taxes…but death taxes as well. Meanwhile, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association has written a proposed repeal of the bad parts of Prop 19 and restore Prop 58’s expanded Prop 13 protections for you and your family.

Among the topics we cover are:

Prop 19 and Prop 13
How to pay the least amount of taxes possible while securing a legacy for yourselves, your family, and your loved ones.
Prop 58 Parent-to-Child Reassessment Exclusion
Federal Estate (Death) Tax increase
Capital Gains Tax increase
Changes to Grantor Trust Rules
Income Tax Increases
Changes to 401(k), IRA, 403(b), TSA, etc.
SALT deductions

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