Hidden Legal TRAPS for California Rental Landlords

Do you own residential rental property in California? If you don’t pay attention to the many tenants’ rights that are part of California law you could be taken by surprise, and forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in a lawsuit—not covered by insurance! Hear a tenant’s side of a wrongful eviction story and learn how to protect yourself from loss.

We go over many of the hidden legal traps and issues for California residential rental landlords including:

How landlords and tenants benefit society
1031 exchanges and avoiding taxes when it’s time to sell
Lawful rent increases
Return on Equity (ROE)
Selling property without paying capital gain at sale
Leaving California
TPA (Tenants’ Protection Act) of 2019
What is the maximum lawful increase for rent?
Tenant eviction rules
Lawful eviction
Wrongful eviction
Downsides of owning real property
Potential for difficult tenants
Diminishing tax benefits
Cost of upkeep
Neighborhood’s appeal to decline

We also hear a tenant’s side of a wrongful eviction story and talk about how to protect yourself from loss. An absolute must-see legal webinar for all California landlords.


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