ESTATE PLANNING BASICS: Wills, Living Trusts, POAs, and the Role of Your Attorney

What are the different types of trusts? What is a trust fund? What is a trust account? How do taxes work in a living trust? When should you make a will, and what should be in it? What is a Power of Attorney, and do you really need one? This set of webinars and blogs deals with all the basics, including the biggest estate planning mistakes, the most common estate planning issues, and how to work with an estate planning attorney. 


Medical Professionals: SPECIAL Estate Planning Issues

Let's discuss the unique issues and special strategies that physicians, dentists, pharmacists, and other medical professionals must know when planning their estates...
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Top Mistakes Made When Managing Aging Parents’ Affairs

How to take care of aging parents in California? What are the biggest Elder Care mistakes I need to avoid? When do I need to ...
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Millennials & Their Families: HOT Estate Planning Topics

Millennials need expert, savvy Estate Planning, and they need it now. Attend this webinar with your adult children and help them get a head start ...
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How Can I Create a Trust for My PET If I Die?

Are you worried about your pets at the time of your incapacity or death? California law now permits you to leave money to your pets...
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Business succession and selling a business

How to Plan for Business Succession and the Sale of a Business

How do you plan for business succession? What are the four different ways of selling or exiting a business? When should you sell a business ...
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Top Estate Planning GAME CHANGERS for 2022

Don’t wait to educate yourself and bring your estate game plan up to date. Kick off your New Year’s Estate Planning resolutions with this webinar!
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Build Back Better TAX PLANNING: End-of-Year Checklist

With a new tax and spend bill that looks like it’s going to get through Congress, and so much change, you need to look at ...
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What Is a TRUST PROTECTOR and Do I Need One?

Trust Protectors can play a vital, but often misunderstood role in estate planning. Our attorneys often build Trust Protectors into cutting-edge trusts to provide much-needed ...
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Savvy Estate Planning: Avoid the Top 10 MISTAKES

“Savvy Estate Planning: What You Need to Know Before You Talk to the Right Lawyer.” was a bestseller on Amazon, and the Second Edition has ...
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Community Property VS Separate Property?

Community Property VS Separate Property? – Estate Problems

Did you know if you’re married, you may not actually own your house? Home ownership for married couples is an extremely complicated issue. A death ...
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You MUST UPDATE a Living Trust or Last Will – How-to Guide!

Consider this legal webinar a “date with your documents.” Our expert estate planning attorneys walk you through your existing estate plan documents and identify DISASTROUS ...
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How to Fund a Living Trust – AVOID PROBATE

Knowing how to fund a Living Trust in California is vital to avoid COSTLY probate! Don’t treat your Living Estate like a legal junk drawer—make ...
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Estate Planning for a Simple Estate

Estate Planning for a “Simple” Estate

Many people ask us, “If I have a simple estate, do I need an estate plan?” CunninghamLegal’s CEO, James L Cunningham explains how a “simple” ...
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What is a Power of Appointment? - DEFINED

What is a Power of Appointment? – DEFINED

What is a power of appointment? What is a power appointment in a Living Trust? How does power of appointment affect inheritance? What impact does ...
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Why Would I Need to Appoint an Independent Trustee?

CunninghamLegal’s CEO, and trust administration attorney James L Cunningham explains what an independent trustee is and why you may need to appoint an independent trustee. ...
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Independent Trustees Can PROTECT Heirs

Do you know what an Independent Trustee is or when to use one? Choosing an independent trustee for a Living Trust or Irrevocable Trust may ...
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Irrevocable VS. REVOCABLE Trust

Irrevocable VS. REVOCABLE Trust – California Estate Planning

Revocable living trust vs irrevocable trust. Do you know the difference? Protect assets with estate planning and trusts 101; Estate planning attorney explains how a ...
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What is Joint Tenancy?

What is Joint Tenancy? Protecting your Loved Ones

Do you know what joint tenancy really is? Joint tenancy isn’t just sharing property! Joint tenancy can be shared real estate, but it can also ...
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3 Legal Documents College Kids SHOULD Have!

You’ve bought their books, their clothes, and more school paraphernalia than you knew existed, but one of the best ways to prepare for college is ...
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How Living Trusts Work – CRITICAL Estate Planning Simplified

Do you know how Living Trusts work? This simple guide will explain what is a Living Trust, how Living Trusts work, what is a trustee ...
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Estate Planning Documents CRITICAL By 55 – Avoid Squabbles

Did you know that when the musician Prince died in 2016 at age 57 he had no will? And guess what: his estate still isn’t ...
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How Much Does a Living Trust COST? Estate Planning Tips

If you’re like a lot of people, you may know you need a Living Trust, but you’re not really sure why, what a Living Trust ...
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The Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes

The Top Ten Estate Planning Mistakes

What are the ten top estate planning mistakes made by people when they create (or fail to create) their wills, Living Trusts, retirement accounts, and ...
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Outdated living trusts

Five Hidden Traps in Outdated Living Trusts

Fix Your Outdated Living Trust Now! By James L. Cunningham Jr, Attorney-at-Law Remember that Living Trust you created five or ten years ago? I’m sorry ...
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