Savvy Estate Planning: Avoid the Top 10 MISTAKES

The first edition of Jim Cunningham’s book, “Savvy Estate Planning: What You Need to Know Before You Talk to the Right Lawyer” was a bestseller on Amazon, and the Second Edition has just arrived—savvier than ever! It’s organized around the 10 most common mistakes people make when planning their estates, and it’s packed with frank talk and eye-opening advice. In this webinar, Jim will hit the highlights, including “The horrible things you don’t know about your IRA,” a drama of Shakespearean proportions! Hint: 87% of people who inherit IRAs make catastrophic errors that often end up destroying half their value.

Among just some of the Estate Planning mistakes we’ll cover in this legal webinar are:

Letting your family go to Probate.
Assuming all Trusts are the same.
Forgetting to plan for Disability.
Failing to protect Beneficiaries from themselves.
Letting third parties take advantage of your Beneficiaries.
Assuming your Living Trust covers your IRAs, 401(s), 403b(s), Annuities, and Insurance.
Relying on your Living Trust as a tax plan.
Assuming your Trustees will know what to do.

Don’t miss this vital legal webinar so you can find out what the biggest Estate Planning Mistake is. For more about “Savvy Estate Planning: What You Need to Know Before You Talk to the Right Lawyer,” click here!

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