ESTATE PLANNING BASICS: Wills, Living Trusts, POAs, and the Role of Your Attorney

What are the different types of trusts? What is a trust fund? What is a trust account? How do taxes work in a living trust? When should you make a will, and what should be in it? What is a Power of Attorney, and do you really need one? This set of webinars and blogs deals with all the basics, including the biggest estate planning mistakes, the most common estate planning issues, and how to work with an estate planning attorney. 


Estate Planning Before Vacation Planning: Do I Need An Estate Plan Before I Go On Vacation?

Do I need to have Beneficiary designations and Wills settled before I leave? How do I prepare my Will before I go on vacation? The ...
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Preferences For Funerals and Disposition of Remains in California

Can California Estate Planning include instructions for my funeral? Should I have a Living Trust? What is pre-need planning? What happens if I am incapacitated? ...
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Custom Estate Planning: The Process For a Custom Plan

Do I need a custom Estate Plan? What is the purpose of making an Estate Plan? What is the first step in Estate Planning? What ...
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Aging Parents – How to Talk to Them About Estate Planning

What’s the best way to bring up the subject of estate planning with parents? Broaching the subject of estate planning with our aging parents can ...
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Letting Your Family Go to Probate

Worried your family will go to probate? What are the problems with probate? What happens when your family ends up in probate court? What if ...
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Should My Estate Planning Attorney Be a “Certified Specialist?”

What is a “Certified Specialist” in Estate Planning? How do I know if my California Estate Planning Attorney is a Certified Specialist? At CunninghamLegal, experience ...
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Out of the Box – What happens when property is not titled in your trust?

Putting all appropriate assets into a Trust is important, but what happens in Trust Administration when assets have been left out? by James L. Cunningham ...
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Major Changes for Medi-Cal Estate Recovery in SB 833

SB 833 Brought Important Changes to Medi-Cal Recovery Law by CunninghamLegal – The Living Trust Lawyers Major changes to Medi-Cal estate recovery laws came on ...
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Avoiding a Medi-Cal Recovery Claim on a Personal Residence

Many people are unaware that Medi-Cal can go after the property of a recipient after they die with a Medi-Cal recovery claim. Use of a ...
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