The Top Ten Estate Planning Mistakes

What are the ten top estate planning mistakes made by people when they create (or fail to create) their wills, Living Trusts, retirement accounts, and more? Leading California estate planning attorney Jim Cunningham gives a frank overview of the disasters he sees over and over again.

Here are just some of the estate planning mistakes people make:

1.  Failing to plan for incapacity
2.  Letting your family go to probate
3.  The belief that all trusts are the same
4.  Failing to address what will happen if you become disabled
5.  Not protecting your beneficiaries from themselves
6.  Not protecting your beneficiaries from third parties
7.  Thinking your Living Trust covers your IRA and your retirement plans
8.  Believing who you named to act as trustee will know what to do
9.  Not keeping up with changes
10.  Procrastination

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The Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes