Hiring Caregivers for Parents in CA: BEWARE Liability, Risk

This legal webinar presented by estate planning attorney Jim Cunningham and Nicole Kamm of Fisher Phillips is a must see for anyone even thinking about hiring an in-home caregiver for a loved one in the state of California.

In-home caregiver jobs in CA are employees which is why you need to make sure you understand the risks involved in hiring an in-home caregiver.

Did you know you can be personally liable for a variety of violations of the Golden State’s heavily employee-friendly laws? That includes minimum wage, mandatory breaks, as well as overtime–you really need to understand how to avoid mistakes and manage your liability!

Among the topics we’ll discuss are:

  • The Domestic Worker Bill of Rights
  • Who is a Domestic Worker?
  • Who is a Personal Attendant?
  • Wage and Hour Requirements

Our guest speaker, Nicole Kamm of Fisher Phillips, will discuss in-home caregiver stories, and offer strategies for savvy estate planners.

Whether you hire a caregiver for parents with dementia, elderly family members, or whether you hire through a caregiver agency or not, you need to understand the risks and manage them! If you have any questions, get some professional legal advice. Planning for long-term care is one of the practice areas that CunninghamLegal specializes in.

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Hiring Caregivers for Parents in CA BEWARE Liability Risk