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Financial Fraud Prevention

In today’s increasingly digital world, the financial industry is more interconnected and reliant on technology than ever before. In this webinar, we explore the critical ...
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Avoiding Real Estate Disputes Among Buyers, Sellers, and Investors

Far too often, real estate transactions lead to disputes among buyers, sellers, and investors. Join us for a comprehensive webinar on avoiding these hassles, arguments—and ...
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Art, Antiques, and The IRS: A Crash Course on Estate Planning and Collectibles

Wondering what needs to be done to prepare an inventory or secure an accurate appraisal of the treasures in your trust?
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The Ultimate Guide to Using LLCs for Real Estate Investing

If you want to build a real estate empire, large or small, you often need a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to do it right...
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Maximizing Tax Savings with Charitable Giving

Whether you are new to charitable giving or you are a seasoned philanthropist, this is a must-watch. We will cover tax-efficient charitable giving strategies, planned ...
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Planning Considerations for Business Owners

The financial environment for small business owners is complex. In this informative session, we'll help you navigate the tax landscape, exploring various entity structures and ...
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Five Top Strategies to AVOID Death Taxes

What are Estate Taxes and how can you avoid them? In this legal webinar, we’ll take a detailed look at estate taxes and the five ...
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Passive Income Streams: Thinking beyond real estate

Whether you're looking to supplement your current income, retire early, or create a sustainable source of wealth, understanding passive income is key...
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Incapacity: Savvy Planning for “The Inevitable”

Incapacity can be a very difficult time for everyone involved—but savvy estate planning strategies and the right legal documents will help make this situation a ...
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Funding a Trust

You have to “fund,” or put assets into your trust as soon as possible—and make sure all the right assets have been moved into the ...
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Do Trustees get paid? Understanding Trustee Compensation

Trustees are often entitled to a "reasonable amount" of compensation— but, how much IS that? Trustees can be paid a percentage of assets or paid ...
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CONCEPTOS BÁSICOS de la Planificación Patrimonial en Español

Aquí en CunninghamLegal, hablamos mucho sobre estrategias avanzadas de planificación patrimonial, pero ¿qué hay de los CONCEPTOS BÁSICOS?
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2026 Estate Tax Exemption Sunset: Opportunities and Risks for Your Estate Plan

The Federal Estate Tax Exemption is set to sunset in 2026, which will result in the estate tax exclusion amount being roughly cut in half ...
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Is my AB Trust obsolete? Should I replace my AB Trust?

What is an AB Trust (also known as A-B, Trust, A/B Trust, or Bypass Trust)? AB trust explained. Should an AB Trust be part of ...
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How to Pass on Real Estate Under Prop 19

California’s Prop 19 changed everything about leaving real estate to the next generation. How can you minimize property taxes when you leave your family ...
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Top Seven Estate Planning Strategies to Guard Family Harmony

How do I keep my family together after I’m gone? How do I protect my children’s inheritance? How do I choose a Trustee? Should I ...
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Legacy Life Insurance Policies: Is your coverage evolving with your needs?

Is that life insurance policy that you bought decades ago still serving a good purpose? As life circumstances change and the array of offerings in ...
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What is income tax smoothing? Tax Bracket Arbitrage

“Income Smoothing” is a multi-year strategy that can lower your overall income tax bill. Savvy high-income earners use it every year: why shouldn’t you?
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