Live Webinar with Jim Cunningham: Why Do I Need an Estate Plan?

Join us for a LIVE-streamed Q&A with Jim Cunningham, Founder of CunninghamLegal, for a direct, no-nonsense discussion on why you need an Estate Plan. What does it mean to get an Estate Plan written, and do you really need one? Is it expensive? Is it really necessary? Can’t you just handwrite a quick Will? Do you really need to spend money on a lawyer, or can you just download some kind of template from the internet? And what, exactly, is a Living Trust—can you make one yourself? What if you don’t own very much, or what if the only thing you’re really leaving behind is an insurance policy? In this YouTube Live chat, leading attorney Jim Cunningham, author of the bestselling “Savvy Estate Planning” takes all your questions real-time! No need to reserve. Just click on the link on Sept. 21 at 12 noon Pacific and ask away!

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