Cars, Pets, Art, Boats, & Guns: Estate Planning Asset TIPS

Is the person you named as your Executor and Successor Trustee really the right person to handle special items like your art, pets, cars, boats, coins, and guns? Will they find your beloved dog the right home? Will they know that they can’t hand your guns over to their friends? Do they have any idea how to sell or maintain the boat? How will they value your art?

Estate planning attorney Jim Cunningham and Conner Clemons discuss asset protection strategies for collectors, pet owners, and gun owners in this legal webinar.

Among the subjects we’ll discuss will be how to fund a trust, what a Personal Property Memorandum is, how to pass on a car to an heir, how to pass on valuable coins, how to pass on a pet (and whether you should give the recipient a cash gift and what to do if no one can take them), how to pass on a boat, an airplane, art, and the very specific method by which you must pass on a firearm.

Don’t let these important possessions fall through the cracks! Speak to an estate planning attorney today to make sure these items go to the right people after you’re gone.

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Cars, Pets, Art, Boats, & Guns- Estate Planning Asset TIPS