2020 Election Impact: ACTION NOW on Estate Planning Taxes!

WILL your taxes go up in a Biden administration? What URGENT actions should you take for 2021, and how should you avoid taxes? What should you be looking out for in managing your estate, property, IRAs, Roth IRAs, and taxes? The November election brought major change, especially here in California. Our own California Estate Planning Attorney, Jim Cunningham talks with the dynamic Chris Mann of MUN CPAs to assess the short and long-term impacts – and actions you should take – on everything from income taxes, loss of Prop 13 for your family, and “death taxes.”

It’s time to do your planning for next year (2021), say lawyer Jim Cunningham and Chris Mann of MUN CPAs.

This important post-election discussion covers:

Tax bracket management
Roth IRAs
Roth Conversion taking money from taxable account to non-taxable account
Capital gains harvesting
Solar investment more attractive because of the CARES act
Prop 13 trust variants
Where are you on your 401k?
When does a change of ownership occur?

A must-see webinar for everyone who pays taxes!

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2020 Election Impact- ACTION NOW on Estate Planning Taxes!