TOP 10 Steps So You Don’t Outlive Your Money in Retirement

The old way of “doing retirement” has changed a lot in recent years. Get all the basics on planning a sound financial life as we outline the top 10 crucial steps to make sure you don’t outlive your money—given the new realities of the financial world. How should you be invested? What are the risks you are not considering? What’s a safe withdrawal rate? Where will your income come from? How much stock should you own? How about crypto? Should you have multiple advisors or one? And which questions should you ask those advisors?! Let the experts help you outline your forward plan. Nothing will be sold at this webinar.

00:00 Intro and New Realities of Estate Planning
01:43 Potential Challenges for Retirement
04:58 Determining a “safe” Withdrawal Rate
07:56 Reduced Return Expectations
10:07 Sequence of Returns
13:58 Rising Healthcare Costs
17:43 Cost of Long-Term Care
21:58 Hierarchy of Income
24:17 Assess Your Income Sources
27:25 Maximizing Social Security Strategy
29:57 Assess your Income Needs
32:38 See If You’re Facing an Income Gap
33:50 Bucketed Investment Approach
37:35 Investor Behavior Impact
41:15 Consumer Confidence and the Market
45:33 Why Having a Single Advocate Advisor is Important: Investment Strategy, Estate Planning, Reitrement Planning, and Tax Planning
45:50 Planning Case Study
48:50 Income Tax Impact
51:03 Estate Distribution Impact
52:00 Questions and Answers on Retirement topics

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