RETHINK Your Retirement Planning Strategy

Retired? Close to retirement? Have you done your critical financial rethinking? Your new focus may be distribution rather than accumulation, but income is crucial—so exactly how should investments be positioned? Most of us consider “Revenue efficiency” without giving enough thought to the “tax efficiency” of investment moves—even though taxes are one of our greatest expenses, especially in retirement! It’s a balancing act, since higher income and higher Required Minimum Distributions, & CRUDs could mean higher income taxes, higher capital gains taxes, and increased Medicare expenses. Is your retirement income strategy broadly diversified and optimized to keep you in the lowest bracket possible? What’s your actual net? Join Jim and Certified Financial Planners Alissa Kroeger and Shannon Beahan as they discuss the nuances of this transition, including which asset types are best suited for which accounts, optimizing your Social Security strategy, and how required minimum distributions (RMDs) from IRAs could impact your future income.

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