PROTECT Child’s INHERITANCE from Future Ex-Spouse

Have you ever thought you might need to protect your child’s inheritance against a future ex son-in-law or daughter-in-law? Worried that your hard-earned wealth will go to the wrong people? Sadly, a bequest can sometimes enable—and even trigger—a divorce. But you can use estate planning to PROTECT your child and your grandchildren.

Learn how to to plan ahead and avoid the estate planning pitfalls involved in potential divorce in this legal webinar!

Did you know that ALL property acquired during marriage is presumed to be community (marital) property…EXCEPT property acquired by gift or inheritance? Sounds like that means there’s nothing to worry about, right? Wrong! Fundamentally, it is much easier for property to transmute from separate property to communal property than the other way around which can lead to some big problems!

That’s why in this legal webinar, we’ll talk about things like an Inheritance Protection Trust (IPT), a Dole it Out or (DIO) trust, and Special Needs Trusts (SNT), which allow heirs to access the trust’s assets without actually having ownership in the trusts, thereby protecting the funds.

We’ll also talk about the role of a Trust Protector in Living Trusts. A Trust Protector is basically someone who can allow the Trustee to make changes in the trust after the death of the Grantor without going through probate court.

A savvy attorney will know when and how to protect inheritances from threats including divorce. If you’re concerned that a future in-law might end up with your hard-earned money, you must watch this legal webinar!

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