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Protecting an Inheritance: Virtual Workshop

Worried your son or daughter will be vulnerable to financial attack when they inherit your estate? The wealth you accumulated over a lifetime can be seized in an instant by an ex-spouse, a lawsuit, or a bankruptcy. Your estate plan can be structured so that the money you leave your heirs is protected from creditors, divorce, lawsuits, and even the heirs themselves–but you MUST have an intentional plan!

That’s why, in this legal webinar, we’ll discuss how to protect your heirs with a Continuing Trust. Types of Continuing Trusts include:

  • Inheritance protection trusts – this allows an heir control over the trust but protects him or her from predators, lawsuits, etc.
  • Dole-it-Out trusts – this is essentially a stream of income protected from divorce or even an irresponsible heir.

We’ll also talk about what needs to be considered in a Continuing Trust like:

  • Discretionary and mandatory distributions
  • HEMS standard
  • Interested or Independent trustee
  • Power of Appointment

We’ll also discuss what a Trust Protector is, what their powers are over the trust, and how they can give your trust much-needed flexibility.

And of course, we’ll discuss different types of assets you’ll want to include in your estate planning:

  • Real estate
  • IRAs
  • Life insurance
  • Annuity

Finally, we’ll discuss other strategies like disclaimer planning and decanting.

Make sure you protect your hard-earned money and assets with a comprehensive estate plan that will protect you and your heirs from predators and creditors!

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