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Fine art of Disinheriting an Heir: EFFECTIVE Legal Tactics

Wondering how to disinherit a child? How to disinherit a spouse? How to disinherit someone in a will? How to disinherit a sibling?

We’ve invited attorney Randolph Catanese of storied California law firm Catanese & Wells to joins California Estate Planning Attorney Jim Cunningham in this legal webinar for a tell-it-like-it-is discussion of estate conflict resolution, valid and invalid reasons to disinherit someone—and how to disinherit in California so your decision survives a court challenge.

Let’s face it: sometimes things get messy, sometimes you change your mind, and sometimes serious conflict can arise over estates.

We’ll discuss what factors you should consider before deciding to disinherit an heir including the legacy of disinheritance as well as protected classes. We’ll also discuss ways of leaving enough so that an heir won’t present a challenge. We’ll talk about the role of probate court in inheritance cases, what capacity is, and why this should all be a part of your estate planning.

This asset protection webinar is designed for lawyers AND non-lawyers. Special aside to attorneys who join the webinar: we’ll also discuss how to avoid malpractice liability in the process.

Protect your assets with California laws! Find out how in this legal webinar!


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