Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank & How to invest in the Slowing Economy

Uncertain about your investments and your bank? You are not alone. 2022 was WORSE than 1929 when it came to 60/40 (stock/bond) portfolio returns. This was a big reason behind SVB’s collapse. How can you protect savings over $250K? How does FDIC insurance work? How do you mitigate risks without multiple account titles at multiple banks? What about protecting your business’s operating capital? Where should you place cash and other investments in this higher interest rate, slower-growth economy? What are some alternatives? What about liquidity in these times? What are the pros and cons? We’ll explore ways to protect your cash, fixed-income investments, real estate funds, private equity, and structured notes so you can make an informed decision as you seek yield and safety on your investments as well as discuss investments that offer protection of principal. Don’t miss this eye-opening webinar!

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