Greater L.A. Real Estate Market 2021–Get In or Get Out?

What is the state of the Real Estate market right now in the greater Los Angeles area? Get an up-to-the-minute assessment from experts on the ground. Is it time to get in or get out? Should Millennials be trying for their first house, trading up to their second house, or is it time to take a pause? What moves should real estate investors make? A vital webinar for anyone in the market.

Jim Cunningham is joined by John Barrentine of Keller Williams in this legal webinar about the Los Angeles real estate market.

In this crucial legal webinar, we discuss topics like:

Mortgage Interest Rates 2021
The California housing shortage
Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
Transit-Oriented Corridors (TOCs)
MLS real estate explained (Multiple Listing Service)
Income generating properties
Multi-family real estate

If you’re toying with the idea of selling a property in the L.A. area or if you’re looking to buy, you don’t want to miss this!

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