FINANCIAL Forecast from Washington DC: Advice and Updates

Big news is on the horizon in Washington, D.C. that will change the financial landscape. Christina Lindsey Orta of Ascent Wealth Management is joined by the Executive Vice President and Head of Government Relations at Capital Group, Clarke Camper. Clarke will provide an update on current happenings in DC, insight on pending legislation, and what it could mean for the economy and your finances. Clarke has his finger on the pulse of the Capital and this insightful webinar, along with an interactive Q&A session, will help you prepare for what’s coming!

Anyone who tells you they know what will happen with proposed legislation in D.C. isn’t being honest. That’s why, in this video, we’ll take a non-partisan look at where we stand right now and what we think could happen during the upcoming 2022 election.

In this legal webinar, we look at three large pieces of legislation including:

Lifting the debt ceiling (the credit limit for the U.S. to continue borrowing)
Bipartisan infrastructure bill
Democratic reconciliation bill (specifically, tax and retirement provisions)

What does all this mean to taxpayers? What tax increases are most likely? Corporate tax? Capital Gains tax? What about a repeal of the Trump-era $5 million extra Death Tax exemption? What will that do to smaller businesses and family farms? What about Grantor Trust rules? Clarke Camper gives us his best bet about what he thinks and what this all means to you and your Estate Planning.

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