CA Prop 19 URGENT Property Owner Actions: Save Your Prop 13!

URGENT PROP 19 UPDATE: The deadline of February 15, 2021 has now passed. But CunninghamLegal has A NEW PROP 19 STRATEGY to retain Prop 13 caps for your children. Read… and see the webinar at… for more details!

Our California Living Trust and Estate Planning attorneys are experts in Prop 19 transfer strategies and will explain how to save potentially hundreds of thousands, depending on the size of your estate! Protect your trust and heirs who will no longer inherit the Proposition 13 cap on your property after February 16, 2021. Do your Prop 13 preservation and Proposition 19 protection now!

In this legal webinar, the best estate planning attorneys for the job, CunninghamLegal CEO Jim Cunningham and expert California estate planning attorney Conner Clemons, discuss urgent issues surrounding Prop 19.

The passage of Proposition 19 on the November ballot radically alters the landscape of PROPERTY TAXATION in California. Along with changing rules on tax assessment transfers, Prop 19 destroys or threatens the inheritance of Prop 13 caps on single-family, multi-family, commercial, and industrial property. In this URGENT LEGAL WEBINAR, our experts examine the consequences and possible change of ownership strategies for property owners: anyone with children or grandchildren may want to consider immediate action before the law takes effect on February 16, 2021!

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CA Prop 19 URGENT Property Owner Actions: Save Your Prop 13!