The California Estate Planning Attorneys at CunninghamLegal welcome Stephen P. Bezaire’s Clients to their practice. As specialists in Living Trusts, Estate Planning, and California Probate Law, we look forward to handling all your Estate Planning needs. 

We have had the pleasure of spending time with Stephen Bezaire and his team and are honored that he has entrusted his successful, long-standing practice to us at CunninghamLegal. Our shared passion for the law and Estate Planning bode well for a smooth and seamless transition as Stephen heads to a well-deserved retirement.

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Most important is that we assure you that your Estate and Financial Planning are in safe hands. For decades, CunninghamLegal has helped clients like you with Living Trusts, Estate Planning, Trust Law, Probate Law, and Elder Law including Medi-Cal and VA benefits planning. As Stephen mentioned, your existing Estate Plans will not be impacted by this transition; the staff in Pasadena will still be here to help you, and our CunninghamLegal team is at your disposal.

We understand that the relationship you have with your lawyer is a personal one, and we look forward to meeting you and gaining your trust.

What Do We Do as California Estate Planning Attorney Specialists?

The lawyers and staff at CunninghamLegal help people plan for some of the most difficult times in their lives; then we guide them when those times come.

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We look forward to working with you!

Best, Jim

James Cunningham Jr., Esq.

Founder, CunninghamLegal

At CunninghamLegal, we guide savvy, caring families in the protection and transfer of multi-generational wealth.


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