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Protecting Your Assets from Predators, Creditors, Taxes and Pandemics

Tips and tricks for asset protection from disaster, accidents, and predatory lawsuits as explained by expert Estate Planning Attorney Jim Cunningham!

It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep. In this workshop, we’ll look at ways of protecting your assets during your lifetime from attack by everyone from the government to ex-spouses, creditors, and business partners. Then we’ll look ahead to protecting your heirs.

Among the topics we’ll discuss will be:

• Homestead exemptions
• Homestead in Texas and Florida
• Retirement accounts “Homestead”
• California residents
• Liability Insurance
• Domestic asset protection trusts
• Foreign asset protection trusts
• Spendthrift trusts
• How to ratchet up the protection!
• Trust protectors
• Different types of assets
• Other strategies

We’ll also debunk the myth that a revocable living trust will protect all your assets!

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