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NEW CA Prop 19 Strategies SAVE Prop 13 Caps for Home & Farm

Prop 19 DEVASTATED family property tax rights for Californians at all income levels, but strategies still remain to protect your Prop13 tax caps.

Learn how to transfer your low Prop 13 taxes on the family home and family farm to your children and keep it all in the family for generations—regardless of the fallout from Prop 19 and changing legislation.

In this legal estate planning webinar, we’ll discuss how Prop 13 works and why it’s so crucial to hold on to your low Prop 13 tax base. (In a nutshell, it’s is worth protecting because when a “change in ownership” happens by sale, gift, or death, the County Assessor reassesses the property at its fair market value and taxes often go way, way up!)

We’ll also talk about how Prop 19 works and how you can transfer Prop 13 taxes under Prop 19 and f you should consider using the Limited Liability Company (LLC)

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