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Protection Clauses for a Trust After You Pass

It’s a hard fact to face, but the truth is, once you’re gone, there’s absolutely nothing you can do to help avoid family arguments about your estate or deal with irresponsible heirs. Why not take every measure to prevent that now, while you still can, by putting protection clauses in your estate plan?

In this legal webinar from California estate planning attorneys, James L. Cunningham and Conner Clemons, you’ll learn about protection clauses that can be put in estate plans and living trust needs in order to avoid family squabbles—and most importantly, probate court—after you’re gone.

This legal webinar will cover spendthrift trusts (essentially trusts that either limit or altogether prevent a beneficiary from being able to transfer or assign his or her interest in the income or the principal of the trust), no contest clauses (aka “terrorem clauses”), survivorship clauses and many other stop gaps to make sure your assets are protected. We’ll also talk about exceptions to spendthrift trusts you need to know about.

Protect yourself and your heirs now and speak to a California Estate Planning attorney about why you might need a spendthrift trust in your estate plan.

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