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Asset Protection in CA: NEW ERA in PRPs, Homestead Exemption

Superstar asset protection guru Ray Olmo of TRUST-CFO® joins California Estate Planning attorney Jim Cunningham for a must-see webinar for anyone with significant assets in California.

Most people’s wealth is 100% exposed to creditors. The Golden State offers unique legal strategies to safeguard your wealth, and new laws are reaffirming and upgrading historic protections—but you have to make proactive moves in just the right way—and do it before a creditor appears!

In this asset protection tips video, we discuss asset protection vs. wealth preservation, taxes, and the California Uniform Voidable Transactions Act.

We’ll also discuss California Private Retirement Plans (PRPs) – the safest, strongest, and most cost-effective legal “safe-deposit box” where Californians can exempt their assets and earnings from lawsuits (and taxes). We’ll discuss when it works and when it doesn’t and how it can work with tax planning strategies (and you’ll want to hear the discussion about how rich people actually DO pay less tax!).

We’ll also take a deep dive into the expanded California Homestead Exemption and legal nuances of a ‘personal residence.’ Finally, we’ll go over Estate and Business Planning Integration and how to get started!

Don’t miss this vital estate planning webinar video about how to protect your assets!


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